Meet the Bloom Executive Coaching Team – committed to helping your team reach its highest potential.

Leaders lead people.
Legacy leaders — lead change.

True leadership leaves a lasting mark. And great leaders know the importance of leading
themselves, their people, and their organization.

They know it creates the kind of impact that can’t always be quantified in terms of numbers, but can be felt in terms of impact. It inspires team members in the moment, and also influences their behaviors far down the line, creating a ripple effect that can echo throughout an organization and beyond.

Unfortunately, leaving a legacy is more challenging than it seems.
As leaders, we are expected to have all the answers.
We’re expected to know what to do.
And we struggle with how to bridge the gap between the leader we are currently being and the one we aspire to be.
We know that before we can help others reach that next level, we need to do it for ourselves.
And that means having a place where we can grow as a leader.
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At Bloom Executive Coaching, we give
executives the space they need to grow and
expand into the leader they want to become.

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We understand that leaders need a safe place to hone their leadership skills.

Where they can ideate, explore new ways of thinking, identify patterns that hold them back, and create a vision for the future. Through our confidential 1:1 coaching, we give leaders the room to explore, grow, and evolve – so they can begin to create sustainable impact.

We do this because we know that the higher the level of leadership one can bring to their organization, the higher their ability to accelerate the performance of those around them.

Most importantly, it can leave an impact that sustains far beyond the leader.

That is legacy leadership.

We are Bloom Executive Coaching
Supporting leaders to create lasting impact.

About The Founder

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Michelle Krebs

Founder, Bloom Executive Coaching

Michelle Krebs offers over 20 years of expertise as an accomplished leader, outcome-based executive coach, and leadership consultant.
After witnessing firsthand how many leaders were vastly underprepared for the ever-increasing demands of executive leadership, Michelle was inspired to start Bloom Executive Coaching to support them in unlocking their true leadership potential for a more significant impact. She brings a balanced approach to her clients, combining her years of executive leadership experience in Corporate America with a caring and human-centric approach to coaching.
Michelle spent over 20 years at a large-scale multinational pharmaceutical company in various leadership roles, including Vice President of Specialty Sales, before shifting her focus to executive coaching and leadership development. Before leaving her corporate career to start her coaching practice, she was the Head of Coaching for North America and Latin America.
She is a credentialed executive coach, group facilitator, and change agent with extensive experience working with all levels of leadership, from C-Suite executives to first-line leaders. Her coaching work expands across Fortune 100 to mid-sized companies, primarily in pharmaceutical, healthcare, and tech industries. She is recognized in the industry as an outcomes-based transformational coach.
As a coach, Michelle believes that leadership transformation occurs at the intersection of trust, vulnerability, and openness. Her approach is results-focused and designed to help leaders overcome any obstacle or block preventing them from reaching their goals. Her non-judgmental manner creates a safe space to uncover what is holding one back and push through it with confidence.
In addition to Michelle’s coaching practice, she has designed and delivered women’s leadership development programs throughout North America and Latin America. She serves on the board of directors for the National Association of Women Business Owners. She is also the founder of Get in the Game Girl, a nonprofit leadership development program serving high school female athletes.

Meet The Team

Stephanie Laplante

Stephanie Laplante

Executive Coach

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Laura Steffen

Director of Operations

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Colleen Bracken

Executive Coach

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Patrick Murphy

Executive Coach

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Michelle quickly understood what I was looking for and how I operate by asking me a series of questions. She would then call me out on things I might gloss over that were actually patterns or getting in my way. She also shared some examples from other areas and her own experiences, and it often helped me to feel more confident that I’m not the only one.

Chris S.

Senior Vice President, Drug Discovery

Michelle challenged my negative thinking and habits, helped me visualize my future, and increased my self-confidence. She was extraordinarily compassionate yet direct and thoughtful in her approach. I found her coaching style authentic, non-judgemental, and highly effective.

Amanda Cushman

GSK Director R&D Operations, AI/ML Program & Project Effectiveness

I have worked with a few different coaches, but none have held a candle to her ability to connect, create a safe space, and successfully hold the mirror to reflect back the essence of what I was saying. She was especially gifted at digging out what was beneath the surface of my words. As a result, I was able to have breakthroughs I had struggled to get to with other coaches for years.

Human Resource Director

Talent & Leadership Development